Federation of Icelandic River Owners (FIRO)


About the FIRO

The Federation of Icelandic River Owners is a union of all Icelandic River Associations in Iceland. Its purpose is to act as a official representative for all those associations and be of assistance in any project of enhancing the fishing, marketing or improving general salmon and trout fishing.


The law

In 1932 a special law on salmon and trout fishing was introduced in the country The Salmon and Trout Act. Since then fishing for salmon in the sea has been prohibited and salmon is included with the fresh water fishes for regulatory purposes. Fishing of migratory fish species in the rivers are greatly restricted by controlling daily, weekly and annual fishing time and the number of rods to be used at any time.  

The fishing rights in rivers and lakes are privately owned. And by law, the owners of every river or river systems have to create a fishery association where all holders of the fishing rights are obliged to be members of that association.

In addition it is included to the law that fisheries statistic of every river or lake shall be collected. This statistical information is published annually and is used for controlling fish management etc.


The fish and fishing

Iceland is to many anglers known as some of the best salmon fishing countries in the world. But in addition there is a variety of very good trout and char fishing opportunities.

In Iceland the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) is of greatest economical value.  Also both arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) occur as sea run or stationary. The salmon ascends in about 100 rivers in the country in which 25 of them are considered as first class on an international scale. The salmon and trout fishing in Iceland is on the international market. As an example the salmon river Ellidar is located in the middle of the capital town of Reykjavk, giving 1.000 1.500 salmons per year.

Salmon and trout catches in Iceland have been recorded for decades. The average annual catch of salmon a five year average is about 60.000 salmons per year. 

The angling season lasts for three months over the period June to September, varying slightly with regions. The Icelandic rivers and lakes are encircled by unspoiled and magnificent natural surroundings. For most of the rivers a top rate comfort and facilities are included or are available nearby.


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