Icelandic EXPORT is without a doubt one of the most effective and reliable resources to go to when looking for information regarding products and services provided by Icelandic companies.

For more than two decades, Icelandic Export has been the leader and main source of information on the web for prospective clients looking to expand their horizons and businesses -- and the response thus far has been phenomenal.

We not only pride ourselves in our varied and thorough up to date information, but also in our excellent customer service.


Icelandic products are renowned world wide for their excellent quality and craftsmanship, due to the high standards placed upon them and the exceptional conditions in which they are produced and thrive – a quality rarely found anywhere else in the world. This is the same standard from which Icelandic Export operates.


On our site, we offer access to the top Icelandic companies that produce, distribute and export said quality products worldwide -- companies that specialize in advanced technologies, equipment and software solutions, i.e. the food and beverage processing industry, general engineering, consultation in energy and utilities, contracting and development, environmental and project management, the fishing industry, so as to name a few.  Companies from whom you can expect a certain level of expertise, performance and quality, so as to guide you through and deliver the very best they have to offer.


This site also offers information regarding transportation, accommodations, leisure activities and everything in between, so as to accommodate just about every query there is. 


On Icelandic Export’s site, you have three separate options to choose from when looking for the aforementioned information…


Choose from the following 20 language options.

Click on the categories button

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Use the CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) options by choosing from one of the 20 EEU languages and then go to ‘code’ or ‘text’ and choose from the pull down menu.