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Fiskkaup hf

Fiskislod 34
IS-101 Reykjavik

  Registration number # 6209830209  
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About us:

Icelandic salt fish is exceptional, and Icelanders have been producing it since the 18th century, for discerning consumers in southern Europe and elsewhere.

We supply premium wet-salted fish, splitted or in fillets, ready for distribution to the customer and also ready-to-use light-salted frozen fish (IQF), requiring no soaking

Our fresh fish of the highest quality available. We use only raw materials from our own longliners, and the catch is processed immediately after landing. Within 48 hours of being caught, this premium product can be a delicious dish in the finest of restaurants, or on a satisfied family's dinner table.

Stringent quality control at every stage of production guarantees the consumer firm, juicy, white and exceptionally tasty fish which any restaurant would be proud to include on its menu.

Our mackerel is caught by small handline boats that land their catches daily from July to September. The mackerel is frozen whole (IQF) as soon as it is landed, so it is as fresh as it can possibly be.

Icelandic lumpfish roe is exceptionally firm and tasty, so it is very suitable for the production of top-quality caviar. From May to August, sustainable fishing is practised by small boats that supply Fiskkaup daily with fresh raw materials from which the delicate roe is worked. Fiskkaup is one of the largest exporters of Icelandic lumpfish and lumpfish caviar.