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  • Icelandic Lamb Marketing Board

    Untitled Document Iceland Lamb is a information service organization, dedicated to promoting Icelandic sheep products, both domestically and abroad. Iceland lamb supplies information on available products, methods of production and other information about sheep farming in Iceland. Export and business transactions are handled directly by individual suppliers. Lamb and Muton lamb is available frozen throughout the year but fresh only in September and October -----

    Hagatorg 1
    IS-107 Reykjavik
    +354 563-0350

  • FISK-Seafood ehf

    Trawler shipping. Processing of fresh fish, landfrozen fish, seafrozen fish, stockfish and salted fish. Pacaking and exporting of fish products -----

    Haeyri 2
    IS-550 Skagafjordur
    +354 455-4400

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  • HB Grandi hf

    Production of fresh and frozen seafood, as well as fish meal and oil. HB Grand Ltd operates 5 freezer trawlers, 4 wetfish trawlers, 5 pelagic vessels and one Supertrawler for pelagic processing. On shore the company operates 3 processing factories for fresh and frozen fish products, two processing factories for pelagic and three fishmeal and oil plants. The company is also a shareholder in other companies involved in fishing, processing and fish farming in Iceland and Chile -----

    Nordurgardur 1
    IS-101 Reykjavik
    +354 550-1000


    Export of Seafoods, specialising in salted, frozen, fresh and dried fish heads and stockfish. Fresh fish fillets and whole around, flown in daily -----

    Ellidavellir 7
    IS-230 Reykjanesbaer
    +354 421-7041

  • ISAM ehf

    The company's main export product categories are lumpfish caviar and capelin caviar along with herring, fish loaf, fish nuggets (fiskeboller), fish soups and sauces -----

    Vesturvor 12
    IS-200 Kopavogur
    +354 522-2790

  • Sildarvinnslan hf

    Fishing and fish products. On-board and land-based freezing and fresh processing. Fish meal and fish oil processing. Fish fillets: Cod, haddock, saithe, redfish, herring. Frozen pelagic fish (herring, capelin). Capelin roe, capelin meal, herring meal and blue whiting meal -----

    Hafnarbraut 6
    IS-740 Fjarðabyggd
    +354 470-7000

    • What you need to know about us
    • The Executives
    • What we offer
    • Common Procurement Vocabulary
  • Marel hf

    Marel Food Systems is a leading global provider of advanced equipment and systems for the food processing industry. Our internationally renowned brands include AEW Delford, Carnitech, Marel, Scanvaegt, Stork and Townsend. With an extensive global sales and service network spanning close to 30 countries, we work side-by-side with our customers to extend the boundaries of food processing performance. Marel Food Systems: ONE STOP for all your processing needs -----

    Austurhraun 9
    IS-210 Gardabaer
    +354 563-8000