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KOM ehf., kynning og markadur

Katrinartun 2
IS-105 Reykjavik

  Registration number # 6101861149  
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About us:
We are the oldest Public relations (PR) and Public affairs (PA) consultancy in Iceland. Our first major assignment was running the International Press Centre during the Regan-Gorbachev Reykjavik Summit in 1986. Since then we have been in charge of countless meetings, conferences and exhibits both in Iceland, other European countries and the US. Over the years we have build up a solid reputation in guiding and educating our clients on Icelandic society to best protect their interests. Our professional team have work experience outside of the PR industry, affording a wide network in the fields of government, journalism, market research, direct marketing, TV production and training. We have and are still working with many international PR firms to whom we have a longstanding relationship.