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Stofnfiskur hf

Stadarberg 2
IS-221 Hafnarfjordur

  Registration number # 6203911079   Number of employees : 60
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  • Icelandic
  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Spanish
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About us:
Stofnfiskur is a leading company in selective breeding and production of eyed salmon eggs. The company is unique in being able to supply salmon eggs on a year-round basis. Another crucial advantage is Iceland´s track record for the level of fish diseases, which is lower than anywhere else in the world. On-going involvement in research and breeding projects ensures that this excellent performance will continue. Stofnfiskur´s main activities are: Egg production, selective breeding, research services and consultancy. Stofnfiskur is the largest producer of eyed salmon eggs in Iceland, where conditions for fish farming are unrivalled. The company takes advantage of ample geothermal resources to control the temperature and saline content of the water - crucial factors in aquaculture. Controlling these factors will improve results from selective breeding, by allowing optimum spawning time to be achieved. Egg quality is constantly being improved through the company´s extensive breeding programmes for salmon, both in Iceland, Ireland (Stofnfiskur Ireland Ltd.), Scotland and Chile (Saga Chile). Other established products include Arctic Charr ova. Stofnfiskur is also in collaboration with other companies and institutes in Iceland regarding the selective breeding of cod through the company ICECOD