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Islandspostur ohf

Storhofdi 29
IS-110 Reykjavik

Year founded: 1998   Registration number # 7012966139   Number of employees : 1000
  • Opeing hours Working-days, Capital area :
Languages we speak:
  • English
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About us:
Iceland Post is a progressive service-oriented organisation that operates the country´s most comprehensive distribution system for letters and parcels. The company emphasizes reliability, quality and good service. Iceland Post is a publicly-owned company that operates its an extensice delivery network system in Iceland and has strong ties with a network of foreign postal distributors. Iceland Posts strategy takes account of the basic needs that the company fulfills as part of its service, i.e. the dispensing of information and the transport and delivery of goods. In its daily operations, Iceland Post defines its role in terms of specific markets and groups. The company has defined four main business areas: Business MailDirect Mail, Domestic Parcels & Logistics Services and International Parcels & Logistics Services.