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Faxafloahafnir sf

Tryggvagata 17
IS-101 Reykjavik

  Registration number # 5302697529  
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About us:
The Faxafloahafnir is Iceland's main centre of transportation, handling around 60% of all national imports and 30% of total exports. It is the hub of a closely knit and flexible transportation network that extends all around the country. The Port is divided into two main harbour areas. The Old Harbour that is mainly a fishing harbour and Sunda-harbour that is a general cargo and container harbour Capacities: The port comprises 1.100.000 m2 of land, 4200 metres of quays and has a warehouse capacity of 50.000 m2. In the port there are Container and Ro/Ro terminals, bulk cargo terminals for grain, oil, liquified gas and a fish market. Services: Pilotage, towage, linehandling, water and electricity operated by the Port Authority. Around the clock services for supplies, repairs and bunkers.